Sustainability Statement

At Sarova Hotels, we’re passionate about creating a sustainable, thriving and responsible business that our customers and employees can be proud of. It’s our belief that businesses must do their part to ensure our local communities and wider planet have a bright and better future. While maintaining our high levels of guest satisfaction, we participate in a number of significant initiatives to help achieve our sustainability goals. Here are some we’re most proud of:

Waste Reduction and Single Use Plastics

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – we’re doing our part with even more to come! For instance, we aim to eliminate single use plastics from our business entirely by 2024. We’re already on our way by eliminating plastic straws, cups and lids. Our takeaway hot drinks are served in sustainable paper cups. With digital contracts, menus, digital check in and check out solutions to name a few, our paper consumption is now a fraction of where it used to be.

Water Conservation

As water becomes scarcer across the globe, Sarova Hotels is making an ongoing commitment to reduce our water consumption. We’ve implemented a number of water saving technologies in bedrooms, kitchens and restrooms across our properties. You’ll find aerated showerheads, and dual flush toilets among the many water saving technologies in every bathroom. We even endeavour to educate guests about the importance of water conservation as they enjoy their stay, and train employees on water saving activities.

Carbon Footprint

We’ve implemented a number of initiatives to limit our impact on the environment. Thousands of lightbulbs have been changed to light-emitting diode (LED) technology, offering a fraction of the energy consumption of a typical halogen. We’ve installed key card energy savers in all our bedrooms and motion sensors in public areas, to ensure that unoccupied rooms and areas are not needlessly consuming energy. Importantly, all our development projects are designed with a focus on our environmental impact, including installation of plant and machinery (boilers, A/C plant, cold storage) with the highest standards of energy efficiency. The Bull Hotel, for example, has even installed electric car chargers, free for guests to use during their stay.

Sustainable Food Chain

Our chefs, at Sarova Hotels, design menus at our bars and restaurants to take advantage of all the seasonal and local produce available where possible. From sustainable seafood to cleaning products, suppliers are handpicked to ensure they demonstrate the highest standards